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In 2019, the HCSL will be host to 12 teams that will play a 27 game regular season, with games typically playing on Monday and Wednesdays at Premier Baseball Complex, Northland Christian HS, and Kyle Chapman's Colt Field.  Each team will play 3 games with 1 each 9-inning game on Tuesday nights and a doubleheader on Thursday nights.  In year 3, league teams, excluding the regular season champion and the regional qualifying tournament champions, will play a double elimination post season playoff (July 29-31).  The Regular Season Champions and the the Regional Qualifying Champions shall represent the Houston area at the 2019 NBC World Series in Wichita, KS.  

The 2019 confirmed teams are:

The HCSL primary mission will be to contineu to ensure safety, provide player development, and to provide a premier level of competition for its players and fans.  The league shall elect the top performers, as seen by MLB scouts, to the All-Star team which will then play one last time for our fans.

League open drafts will not be a commitment or guarantee that a player is entered into the league.  It only provides the opportunity for the teams within the league to potentially draft a player based on skillsets.  There is not a limit to a teams roster size, however, most teams will have roughly 18 to 27 players on a roster to ensure sufficient number of players are available to play in the 3 games per week.  Players pre-recruited by teams are guaranteed, as long as that player remains with the team that recruited the player.  The rosters may be adjusted by the team staff or organization.  All players, to be eligible, must be registered on the team roster.  This is for insurance purposes.  Player's may not play for another team or organization, except if picked up for the regional or world series tournaments. 

It is up to the coaches to release a player from their roster.  Players may not change teams without both coaches/organizations submitting the waiver and the final approval of the league.    

 North Division 
 - Son's of Thunder
 - Addidas Baseball
 - Premier Futures
 - Texas Bandits
 - Westchase Express
 - Proway Colt 45's

 South Division 
 - HCSL-DST Aces
 - Fort Bend Texans
 - USA Baseball Xtreme
 - Texas Cyclones
 - Houston Hurricanes
 - Kyle Chapman

(Update: May 12, 2019) 


2018 HCSL Player Eligibility Guidelines

The HCSL is proud to announce that in 2019, the league will become CSB recognized and team rosters going forward shall be compliant to CSB eligibility guidelines. 

2018 player eligibility shall require that:

  • Any player currently on 2018-2019 collegiate varsity or JV roster, 
  • Any player identified as a redshirt on or off the current active roster,
  • Any player that has remaining eligibility and may have had to sit out due to injury or transfer requirements and looking to prepare to return to a sanctioned college or university,
  • Any player currently on the 2018-2019 collegiate club roster,
  • Any player recently separated from the US Armed Forces and whom has been accepted to a school for the 2019-2020 campaign, including preferred walk-ons,
  • Any player recently graduated from high school and who is committed to college for the 2019-2020 campaign, including preferred walk-ons, and;
  • Any player recently becoming a Senior in High School for which they are committed to a college verbally or written and as such as the College or University wishes to place in the league.  Players must be competent to the level of competition to be eligible. Player will have to attend an assessment for which Premier or HCSL may charge up to $75 to perform prior to acceptance.

 For questions or more informaion you may contact the league or coaches directly. 

Houston Collegiate Summer League
Attn:  Westchase Express Inc.
7403 Blossommist Lane
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HCSL Direct Line: (832) 273-5938
WCE Website:   www.WestchaseExpress.com
HCSL Website:   www.HCSLeague.com



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