Westchase Express Inc., a Texas incoporated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is a service-based organization that is dedicated to helping prepare youth and young adults for a life of success, prosperity, and potential.  The HCS League is a vital tool of the Westchase organization, with the purpose of expanding the Westchase Mission to the whole Greater Houston Area and its youth and young adults. 
Baseball has long been recognized around the world as America's national pastime.  It has been credited with provoking more nostalgia among Americans than any other sport.  The attraction to the game is that so many of us have played this iconic sport to the point that it has become recognized as our "national pastime".  And whereas, unlike other sports, players of all average height and weight can aspire to play well and succeed at the highest of levels.     
The HCS League's strategy to being successful is heavily weighted on the combination of corporate and private supporters; the popularity of the game within our communities; the passion and dedication of our coaches to the players; and the fact that more than 1600 colleges and universities across the United States operate campus sponsored programs.  Westchase and the HCS League believes this combination along with the commitment to our youth, families, fans, supporters and communities will create an avenue of success to become the preferred premier collegiate summer league in Houston.
Westchase and HCS League will be a positive presence in the community and that our brand and growing popularity makes for a reasonable and value adding playform for any community based marketing avenues.  Every sponsor and donor who contributes to the HCS League, will have access to use a multitude of advertising and promotional avenues throughout the season and the rest of the year. 
To support our Sponsors and Donors, Westchase Express Inc. and the HCS League vow to:
  • Win or Lose with Humility, Dignity, and Respect - HCSL will represent our community in a manner that brings positive recognition locally, regionally, and nationally, and that shall promote and lift our sponsor's branding whill reflecting them as an essential partner to the development of our youth and community.
  • Partner - WCE and the HCSL officials, coaches and staff shall provide assistance to our sponsors and make ourselves reasonable accessible to support sponsor pre-planned events, as long as it does not negatively impact our brand or our players collegiate eligibility.
  • Maximize Exposure - Our league officials and key members shall work to help build strategic marketing plans that helps maximize our sponsor's exposure at all HCSL and WCE funded events, games, tournaments, showcases and clinics.
  • Offer Visibility- Sponsor logos will be visibly displayed at all special events, in our publications, on our websites, and at any time Westchase and/or the HCS League recieves public recognition.
  • Promote - Our staff and league will be dedicated to promoting a positive image and will showcase our sponsor' relationships during community volunteering projects and specialy events, as long as it is in the best interest of the sponsors.
  • Evangelize - Our league will promote sponsor products and services throughout our fan base and at all games, tournaments, showcases, clinics and events.
  • Innovate - Our league will continually look for new and innovative ways to reach and expand our fan base while promoting our league, our sponsors and our core values.
To become a HCS League sponsor or donor, please download and complete the Sponsorship/Donation commitment Form below.  Once the form is filled out, please mail the form and payment to:
Houston Collegiate Summer League
Attn. Westchase Express Inc.
11221 Cutten Rd, Bldg #1 
Houston, Tx 77066
All checks or money orders should be made payable to Westchase Express Inc.  Please allow 5-10 business days for a response and tax receipt from our Marketing group.
Donations may be done through the WestchaseExpress.com website's Merchandise page.



 For questions or more informaion you may contact the league or coaches directly. 

Houston Collegiate Summer League
Attn:  Westchase Express Inc.
11221 Cutten Rd Bldg 1
Houston, TX 77066
WCE Website:   www.WestchaseExpress.com
HCSL Website:   www.HCSLeague.com




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Gerald Labbie          

Paul Kessler

Mark Nixon      

Robert VanNieuwenhuyzen  

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