HCSL Specific Rules
The Houston Collegiate Summer League in an attempt to ensure player safety, control pace of game, and/or ensure adherence to sportmanship, has sanctioned the:
REGULATION GAME:  A regulation games will be either nine innings with a 3 hour time limit or the case of a doubleheader seven innings with a 2 hour 30 minute limit.  However, no new inning may be started within 10 minutes of the regulation time limits.  Regularly scheduled weekday games will start at 7:00 pm, on Wednesday game times will be 5:00 pm and 7:30 pm.

ROSTER:  Roster must be complete and posted on the League website. Pick-up players will not be permitted.  Teams are required to carry a minum of 21 players on their roster.  Changes to an active roster must be complete 24 hours prior to the game day.  Players found playing and not registered on a teams roster, the said team will forfeit.  In the event, a 2nd offense or more ocurrs, the team shall be deemed not eligible for representing the HCSL at the NBC World Series.

LINE-UP SUBMITTAL:  Line-ups must be turned into the official scorekeeper no less than 30 minutes prior to game time, to allow for scorekeeper to post line-ups and facilitate the broadcasting of the games.  A team may make up to 2 changes to the line-up prior to first pitch without burning a player that is late. 
COMPLETE GAME:  If a game is called for any reason, it shall be a complete game if 5 innings have been completed, or if the home team has scored more runs in 4 innings and the visiting team has completed the top half of the 5th inning.
TIES:  In the event of a tie after nine innings of play, extra innings are to be played, but no new extra inning shall be started with less than 10 minutes left.  Any tied completed game will count in the standings as one-half game won and one-half game lost for each team.
INCOMPLETE GAME:  If a game is called for any reason, e.g. rainout before it is a complete game (as defined above), it shall normally be rescheduled by the League at the earliest available open date that is agreeable to both team managers concerned.  However, late in the season, rescheduling of games become difficult and will be at the discretion of the League Office.
MERCY RULE:  If a team is leading its opponent by at least ten runs after seven or more innings, or if the home team has at least a ten run lead after 6-1/2 innings, then the game shall be called and the team in the lead shall be declared the winner.
FORFEIT:  Forfeit time is set at 10 minutes after the scheduled game time.  A team unable to field nine roster players within the 10 minutes of the starting time will forfeit the game.  Managers who become aware of the possibility of a forfeit will notify the scorekeeper, the opposing team's Manager, and the umpires as early as possible.  A team is subject to be disqualified from further season competition upon forfeiture of 2 scheduled or rescheduled games.
INFIELD PRACTICE:  Infield practice is to be taken by the Home team from 6:30PM to 6:40PM, if desired, and by the Visiting team from 6:40PM to 6:50PM, if desired.
NO FAKE TO 3RD THROW TO 1ST PICKOFF MOVES:  Rule adapted per American League ruling.
COUTESY RUNNER FOR EITHER CATCHER/PITCHER:  During league games only, a team may elect to courtesy run for either the catcher and/or pitcher, if hitting.  The courtesy runner shall be a player not in the game, and shall not impact entry rules.   
COUTESY RUNNER FOR INJURED PLAYER:  During league games only, in the case of an injury to a player that is either running and/or hitting, a team may elect to use a courtesy runner without impacting the player's eligibility to enter the game.  If the player remains in the game, the player shall be dubbed a substitution and rules governing subs shall be relevant.  
TEMPORARY USE OF THE DH IN PLACE OF AN INJURED PLAYER:  During league games only, in the case of an injury to a defensive player, a team may elect to use the DH in the defensive position for the rest of the inning without impacting the DH role or having to remove the starting player.
USE OF COMPOSITE BAT:  During league games only, a team may use a composite wood bat (i.e. - Demarini, Bamboo, etc.) in their game(s).  During the Regional and World Series, composite bats will NOT be permitted. 
FORCEFULL CONTACT OR TAKE-OUTS:  HCSL officials and umpires shall enforce a "forcefull" contact or take-out rule.  No player shall on purpose take-out or collide with anoter player for the purpose of dislodging the ball or advancing on the base.  The rule shall mirror and adhere to the NCAA collegiate rules for this issue.
The HCSL primary reason for modifications above are to ensure sportmanship, safety and the pace of play.  Additional rules may be voted and added as needed as long as they are directly for the purpose of sportsmanship, safety and pace of play.

 For questions or more informaion you may contact the league or coaches directly. 

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