The league is evolving, with 2016 seeing the end of the NW Wildcats and its legendary Coach Jack Schulte along with the departure of long time League Director Frank Klam.  The league would like to thank Jack and Frank for being the long time patriarchs for the league and a mentor to young men who have benefitted playing in the league.  The NW Wildcats was the league standard and had won multiple World Series Championships along with many Runner-Ups including most recently in 2013.  
Their departure brings an exciting and new evolution to the league under WCE and League Committee which will be initiated in 2016.  The league will be administered by Westchase Express Inc. (WCE) under its 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  
WCE in its first action to return the league back to its once prominant position in the Houston area as the best summer league, has opened the current league size to 10 teams.  WCE will initiate a League Committer who will oversee rules and policies for the league, the committe will be made up of representatives from each approved team in the league.  The committee will directly be responsible for ensuring the level of competition, rule and punishment enforcement, and that league commitments are met.
Teams that wish to join the league must meet 7 criteria:
  1. Team(s) must have a minimum of 18 ball players on their league roster;
  2. Team(s) must be able to play 3 games per week from Monday - Saturday;
  3. Players and coaches must adhere to "Uniform" code outlined in the AABC Handbook;
  4. Players must still meet amateur status (on or after June 1st).
  5. Team(s) must either purchase league procured insurance or provide proof of insurance.  No team will be able to start their season without proof.
  6. Team(s) must submit their application to join NLT March 15th of each calendar year.
  7. Team(s) must make payment all league registration fee(s) and insurance payment(s) NLT April 31st of each year.  Team(s) that fail to do so will be removed from the schedule(s).
Team(s) that wish to petition to join the league, needs to email: RobertVann34@msn.com or call (713) 553-0943 
WCE will host a Houstion Collegiate Summer League "Open Tryout" out for the league on May 20th - 21st at Northland Christian School.  Team coaches will be on hand to select in an open draft, players to fill open slots.  Fees are team and/or organizational based and may run between $625 to $1,000.

 For questions or more informaion you may contact the league or coaches directly. 

Houston Collegiate Summer League
Attn:  Westchase Express Inc.
11221 Cutten Rd Bldg 1
Houston, TX 77066
WCE Website:   www.WestchaseExpress.com
HCSL Website:   www.HCSLeague.com


                              Commissioner:      Paul Kessler                Email:   Paul.Kessler@cfisd.net

                     Director of Facilities:      Gerald Labbie           Email:   Labbie27@hotmail.com

Director of Baseball Operations:         James Barry            Email:  HCSLDirectorBaseballOperations@gmail.com'

Current WCE Board of Directors:
        President:  Robert VanNieuwenhuyzen
               Email:  RobertVann34@msn.com
                  Cell:  (713) 553-0943

Vice-President:  Brandon Lewis
               Email:  LewisBJ85@gmail.com
                  Cell:  (832) 970-6677

        Secretary:  Brandon Mikell
               Email:  Brmike1988@yahoo.com
                  Cell:  (310) 427-2325
         Treasurer:  Terrel Jones
                Email:  Trjones1988@yahoo.com
                   Cell:  (662) 231-1742

      VP Bus Ops:  Shane Leftely
                Email:  ShaneLeftely@yahoo,com
                   Cell:  (713) 298-5493

   VP Marketing:  Wilmy Marrero
                 Email:  Wilmy.Marrero@gmail.com
                    Cell:  (832) 444-6281

        Pres HCSL:  Chris Lyall
                 Email:  Christianlyall@att.net
                    Cell:  (713) 513-0103