The Houston Collegiate Summer League is a Houston based "pay to play" summer woodbat league. Founded more than 30 years ago, the league, as of 2017, is affiliated with the National Baseball Congress (NBC). Its league champion earning a berth to the NBC World Series held in Wichita, KS at the end of the summer.  
The league historically operated with 6 teams that played 21+ regular season games over an 8 week period that also included 1 week reserved for rain-out make-ups.  In 2018, the league will host a 8-teams with games played at Premier Baseball Complex and Northland Christian HS.  
Future league expansion will be considered on a team by team basis in the future.  
Regulation games are 9-innings or 3 hours limits and played by American League MLB Rules, with a few local or NBC mandated rules governing pace of play and player safety.  Coaches and league officials may review and discuss proposed changes throughout the summer if it serves the safety of the players, coaches and fans or the pace of play of the game.   
The league will run from May 30th to July 25th, with the top 4 teams playing a post season championship series.  Each team will play 21 regular season games.  League games wiil be played as 3-game series with 3-games per week scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays.   
The League Champions, if they elect to travel to the World Series, shall be eligible for stipend from the HCSL Office, shall receive an additional stipend to help cover travel costs from the NBC World Series for each game they get to play while at the tournament.  
The Houston Summer Collegiate Baseball League, over its existence, has had more than 25 former 
ballplayers currently active in professional baseball either in Indy, MiLB or MLB organizations. 

 For questions or more informaion you may contact the league or coaches directly. 

Houston Collegiate Summer League
Attn:  Westchase Express Inc.
11221 Cutten Rd Bldg 1
Houston, TX 77066
WCE Website:   www.WestchaseExpress.com
HCSL Website:   www.HCSLeague.com




                          League Secretary:

​League Treasurer:

                     Board of Directors:

Gerald Labbie          

Paul Kessler

Mark Nixon      

Robert VanNieuwenhuyzen  

Email:   Labbie27@gmail.com

Email:  Paul.Kessler@cfisd.net


Email:   RobertVann34@msn.com


Current WCE Board of Directors:
        President:  Robert VanNieuwenhuyzen
               Email:  RobertVann34@msn.com
                  Cell:  (713) 553-0943

Vice-President:  Brandon Lewis
               Email:  LewisBJ85@gmail.com
                  Cell:  (832) 970-6677

        Secretary:  Brandon Mikell
               Email:  Brmike1988@yahoo.com
                  Cell:  (310) 427-2325
         Treasurer:  Terrel Jones
                Email:  Trjones1988@yahoo.com
                   Cell:  (662) 231-1742

      VP Bus Ops:  Shane Leftely
                Email:  ShaneLeftely@yahoo,com
                   Cell:  (713) 298-5493

   VP Marketing:  Wilmy Marrero
                 Email:  Wilmy.Marrero@gmail.com
                    Cell:  (832) 444-6281

        Pres HCSL:  Chris Lyall
                 Email:  Christianlyall@att.net
                    Cell:  (713) 513-0103